Caskbier pumplclip thumbnail image

Caskbier, 5.2%

Caskbier is in tribute to Oktoberfest, the famous centuries’ old German festival.
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Midnight Troll beer pump clip

Midnight Troll 4.6%

Brewed entirely with Azacca® hops, this beer will smack you in the face with tropical, ripe citrus aroma.
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Chap-Hop is released into the wild

The first beer in our Pathfinder project, Chap-Hop 4.9%, can now be found for a limited time in pubs.
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Brewers from Exmoor in a field with the Pathfinder logo above their heads

Introducing Pathfinder

There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker. With an ever-increasing selection of styles and ingredients.
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Can of Urban Fox 6.2% ale

Try new, sly Urban Fox 6.2%

Urban Fox, our popular IPA from the EXILE range, is now available in 440ml cans. At 6.2%, it’s brewed at a slightly higher ABV than ...
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