Exmoor Ales – Famous Beers from Exmoor Since 1979

Famous Beers from Exmoor Since 1979

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Exmoor Ales Classic Pump Clips

We’ll deliver gifts to beer, gin, and cider lovers on your list – we’ll also include a card

If you can’t be together at Christmas, we deliver throughout the UK. Our Mixed Bundles, Choose-Your-Own cases, or ready to fill Exmoor Ales jute bags, make gift giving easy. Include a card  at checkout.


Now choose from the full range of Wicked Wolf Gins

Multi-bottle purchase discounts included, so go on, try more than one.
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Five bottles in the Wicked Wolf Gin range
Hand holding a Mini Cask of ale and a full pint glass of beer

Try Our New 5L Mini Casks

Over 8.5 pints of draught ale delivered to your door. Choose from Exmoor Ale, Beast, Gold, Stag, Fox, Ram, or Seasonal. Draught ale is also available in 10L and 20L polypins.


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“I own a freehouse called the Benett Arms in Semley and buy from many breweries however none match up to the fantastic consistency of Exmoor Ales, it’s the one brand all my clientele agree on!”
Lee Rose

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