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Yes. We now have special packaging to ship 12 of our three different bottled ales. Each box contains 4 bottles each of Exmoor Gold 5%, Exmoor Beast 6.6%, and Exmoor Stag 5.2% (500ml each).

We do not offer shipping outside the UK through our website. If you’d like us to ship outside the UK, email us your information and we can arrange a quote.

This changes from day-to-day, so we aren’t able to give a definitive list. Our ales are served in pubs and restaurants all over the country,  but predominantly in the South West. 

A polypin is a large bag in box of real ale you can enjoy at home – ideal for parties and special occasions. 10 or 20 litre draft ale polypins are available, choose from any of our Classic range of ales or call the brewery to check the availability of our Seasonal beers. 

Note: We need 3 working days notice for a polypin, they’re filled to order.

  • Tear off the perforated section from the box to reveal the tap.
  • Stand your Polypin upright (tap side upwards) and open the tap to allow any excess gas to escape.
  • Close the tap, place the polypin on its side (tap side in the position you’ll be serving from) and allow to settle in a cool place for 12 hours, after that your polypin will be good to go!
  • For best results, store in a cool place out of direct sunlight at 8-12c.
  • Once settled avoid moving or disturbing your polypin. To ensure freshness, it’s best consumed within 5 days of opening. In ideal storage conditions a polypin can last 2 weeks unopened*.
  • If the polypin has inflated, don’t worry, you simply need to vent it to release the excess gas.
  • To vent, turn the polypin so the tap is no longer submerged in liquid, and open it, releasing the gas gently until the polypin regains it’s normal shape. As this procedure may have disturbed any sediment, you may wish to let it settle again for a few hours before continuing to serve.

*Remember to check the polypin and vent regularly if required.

If you already have an account with Exmoor Ales you can order online and pay in the usual way. Go to our Publican Account Orders page.

This is something we would love to be able to offer in the future. However, at present due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to offer tours around the brewery.  

Even though we do not currently have a dedicated tap room where we can showcase our excellent ales, this is something we are currently working to put in place – so watch this space!

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