Polypin box and pint of Exmoor Stag ale

Hook up a beer engine to polypins

Head brewer Tom Davis offers a simple solution to give beer engine owners a much wider choice when buying draught beer for home drinking. These …

Can of Wicked Wolf Ale next to a full glass of beer

Wicked Wolf Ale 6.0% in Cans

Wicked Wolf Ale, 6% ABV in 440ml cans is here. Our first canned beer is from our Exile range of craft ales. Wicked Wolf ale …

Bottle of Golden Beast on a table

Limited Edition Golden Beast 6.6%

Golden Beast is here ***UPDATE: Golden Beast sold out in just two hours. More limited edition micro-brews are planned. If you’d like to get early …

OPen bottle of Devon Rum with a mixed mojito cocktail next to it

Introducing Devon Rum

Devon Rum is a small batch, craft rum made in an English Style with a blend of Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana. This unique …

Bottle of Exmoor Ale and a full glass tankard

Celebrating 40 Years With Exmoor Ale

At last Exmoor Ales marks its 40th Anniversary by bottling its famous first beer ‘Exmoor Ale’. Brewed in 1980 the brewery’s first beer, Exmoor Ale, …

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