Wicked Wolf Gins

We’re pleased to now offer the full range of Wicked Wolf Gins handcrafted in Exmoor. Choose from original Wicked Wolf Gin, Exmoor Gold Gin, Full Moon Gin, Lorna Doone 1869, and Silver Bullet Gin. Learn more about the full Wicked Wolf Gin range.

A discount of up to 10% is applied for multiple bottle purchases.

From: £42.76

Wicked Wolf Gin 42%

Wicked Wolf Gin™ is a premium craft gin made from botanicals distilled on Exmoor. 11 botanicals are individually distilled and then expertly blended on the banks of the picturesque River Lyn, North Devon.

70cl Bottle

Exmoor Gold Gin 42%

Exmoor Gold Gin has been created by Wicked Wolf™ and uses our own Exmoor Gold Ale. It's double distilled and then the gin is built around the ale. Juniper, lemon verbena, elderflower, coriander, meadowsweet and a unique citrus mix, bring this gin to life. Best served with a quality tonic water and a thin slice of orange.

70cl Bottle

Full Moon Gin 42%

Full Moon Gin uses traditional juniper, coriander and citruses, but with the addition of mango and cracked black pepper. The mango is simply a hint of mango and the black pepper gives this gin a slightly more robust finish. Note, this is not a fruit gin - it simply happens to have fruit in it. Full Moon Gin mixes well with tonic water, however, elderflower tonic really makes this into a lovely long drink.

70cl Bottle

Lorna Doone 1869 Gin 42%

1869 Lorna Doone Gin was produced to celebrate 150 years since the launch of the book Lorna Doone. The Wicked Wolf distillery is in the Valley in which the book is set. 1869 has a slightly more local feel to the botanicals with the use of meadowsweet, whortleberries (bilberries) and heather, it also contains vanilla.

70cl bottle

Silver Bullet Gin 57%

This stunning Navy Strength gin, is developed with the original 11 botanicals but carefully rebalanced to work at 57% abv. Only 300 bottles of this gin are produced a year – it's a slow process to create this beautifully smooth and flavoursome gin. Being 57% this is not for the faint-hearted, but is surprisingly easy to drink!

70cl Bottle

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