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How to Setup and Store Polypins and Mini Casks


Instructions on delivery:

Once your beer has arrived,  tear off the perforated section from the box to reveal the tap, stand your polypin upright (tap side upwards) and open the tap to allow any excess gas to escape, close the tap, place the polypin on its side (tap side in the position you’ll be serving from) and allow to settle in a cool place for 12 hours, after that your polypin of real ale will be good to go!

For best results, store in a cool place out of direct sunlight at 8-12c. 

Once settled avoid moving or disturbing your polypin, and to ensure the freshness of your beer it is best consumed within 5 days of opening. In ideal storage conditions, a polypin can last 2 weeks unopened*.

If the polypin has inflated, don’t worry, this just means you may need to vent it to release the excess gas.

To vent, simply turn the polypin so the tap is no longer submerged in liquid, and open it, releasing the gas gently until the polypin regains its normal shape. As this procedure may have disturbed any sediment, you may wish to let it settle again for a few hours before continuing to serve.

*Remember to vent regularly if required.

Mini Casks

Instructions on delivery:

Follow these steps to get the best experience from your cask. This is a LIVE product, so when you receive it, let the yeast settle before drinking.

Find a level, cool spot (ideally 10 -13c), open the serving tap and pour a small amount of beer off to release any excess pressure.

Draw spout in the direction of the arrow, until the original seal tears.

Grasp spout from below and draw in the direction of the arrow, until the joint protrudes fully from the barrel.

Tilt the spout downwards to pour. To finish pouring, return the spout to its initial position.

Then leave your cask to stand still for at least 12 hrs before serving. You can open it before this time if you wish but be aware, the beer may pour cloudy.

Once you have let the yeast settle, try not to move the cask at all, or you risk disturbing the sediment again. The beer will be in its best condition for 3 days after opening.

If the flow of beer from the tap slows, vent the barrel (mini cask). Do this by turning off the tap and push the inner stopper in the lid of the barrel through fully.

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