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Choose your own items to fill our 12-slot box. Select from bottled ales including, Exmoor Ale, Gold, Stag, or Beast. Or, our new Wicked Wolf Ale or Urban Fox 440ml cans, or Exmoor Cider. Tulip shaped Exmoor Ales pint glasses can also be included in the box.

From: £30.00

Exmoor Ale 4%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Ale 4%. The original Exmoor Ale classic bitter. This light chestnut-brown session beer is refreshing, yet malty with a finish that says, one more sip.

Exmoor Gold 5%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Gold 5%.  The UK's first modern Golden Ale. The colour of Chardonnay, sparkling in the glass and appealing to both ale drinkers and lager lovers.

Exmoor Stag 5.2%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Stag, 5.2%. A  full-bodied copper-coloured strong bitter. On the palate, a malty character with hints of chocolate and toffee, matched with a warming fruitiness, before a long dry finish and hint of sweetness.

Exmoor Beast 6.6%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Beast 6.6%. A strong-willed, full-bodied dark porter. Beast is complex on the palate – fruitcake, a hint of rum, Mocha coffee, herbal hoppiness, vinous fruit, and a bittersweet finish that’s smooth yet complex.

Urban Fox Ale 6.2%

440ml Can of Urban Fox 6.2%. This is a slightly higher ABV than our cask offering. A robust ale brewed with Crystal and Munich malt to give it a distinctive red hue. Late Centennial and Cascade hops lend a punchy northwest US hop character, giving citrus-pine aromatics to balance the bold malt backbone.

Wicked Wolf Ale 6.0%

440ml Can of Wicked Wolf Ale, 6% from our Exile range – a stronger version of our draught offering. A collaboration with Wicked Wolf™ Gin inspired this unique beer. This golden-coloured ale balances sweet malt character with slight aromatic gin-like juniper botanicals, and a gentle spiciness on the palate. A delicate floral hoppiness, and a suggestion of citrus, then finishes dry and lightly fruity.

Exmoor Cider, 4.8%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Cider 4.8%. A clear, golden, medium dry cider. It’s made with Harry Masters Jersey, Yarlington, and Dabinett apples. The gentle tannins from the skins and pips provide a mouth-tingling depth of flavour.

Exmoor Ales Tulip Pint Glass

Our tulip-shaped pint glass with the Exmoor Ales logo.

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