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Choose Your Own 12

Choose your own items to fill our 12-slot box. Select from bottled ales including, Exmoor Gold, Stag, Beast, Exmoor Ale, or Wicked Wolf ale in a can. Or choose cider, including our own new Exmoor Cider, or while supplies last, choose Secret Orchard Ciders – Exmoor Clear or Exmoor Mellow (out of stock). Tulip shaped Exmoor Ales pint glasses can also be included in the box.

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Exmoor Ale 4%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Ale 4%. The original Exmoor Ale classic bitter. This light chestnut-brown session beer is refreshing, yet malty with a finish that says, one more sip.

Exmoor Gold 5%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Gold 5%.  The UK's first modern Golden Ale. The colour of Chardonnay, sparkling in the glass and appealing to both ale drinkers and lager lovers.

Exmoor Stag 5.2%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Stag, 5.2%. A  full-bodied copper-coloured strong bitter. On the palate, a malty character with hints of chocolate and toffee, matched with a warming fruitiness, before a long dry finish and hint of sweetness.

Exmoor Beast 6.6%

500ml Bottle of Exmoor Beast 6.6%. A strong-willed, full-bodied dark porter. Beast is complex on the palate – fruitcake, a hint of rum, Mocha coffee, herbal hoppiness, vinous fruit, and a bittersweet finish that’s smooth yet complex.

Wicked Wolf 6.0%

Wicked Wolf ale, 6% ABV from our Exile range – a stronger version of our draught offering. A collaboration with Wicked Wolf™ Gin inspired this unique beer. This golden-coloured ale balances sweet malt character with slight aromatic gin-like juniper botanicals, and a gentle spiciness on the palate. A delicate floral hoppiness, and a suggestion of citrus, then finishes dry and lightly fruity.

Exmoor Cider, 4.8%

Exmoor Cider, 4.8% – A clear, golden, medium dry cider. It’s made with Harry Masters Jersey, Yarlington, and Dabinett apples. The gentle tannins from the skins and pips provide a mouth-tingling depth of flavour.

Exmoor Clear Cider, 5.5%

500ml Bottle of Secret Orchard, Exmoor Clear Cider, 5.5% Exmoor Clear from Secret Orchard has a clear dry tase from a haze traditional cider. This award-winning small-batch cider balances full-bodied fruit with sharp natural acidity and a lightly spiced finish.

Exmoor Mellow Cider, 5.5%

500ml Bottle of Secret Orchard, Exmoor Mellow Cider, 5.5%. Exmoor Mellow is an easy drinking cider, balancing smooth summer warmth with delicate notes of honey and spice.

Out of stock

Exmoor Ales Tulip Pint Glass

Our tulip-shaped pint glass with the Exmoor Ales logo.

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