Pathfinder 5L Mini Cask

(Approx 8.5 pints)

Pathfinder is the brew team’s ongoing, small-batch brewing project. The brewers experiment with recipes and ingredients and regularly release their favourites to the world.

Current Beer: Ramble On, 4.2%

Session IPA

This straw-coloured ale pours bright and pale in the glass with a firm white head. The aroma has delicate hints of lychee, peach and gooseberry. Flavour-wise the Maris Otter provides a balance of crisp, understated malty flavours, which blend beautifully with the grassy fresh hop notes. The finish is bitter.

Allergens: Gluten (from Barley)


Pathfinder beers are limited editions – therefore, one Pathfinder Mini Cask per order. Read about the project and get full descriptions of each beer.


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