Pump Clip for Exmoor Beast

Exmoor Beast, 6.6%


Beast by name, beast by nature. This strong-willed, full-bodied dark porter first saw daylight in the autumn of 1992 and is available both on draught and by the bottle. Inspired by fireside tales of wild cats roaming Exmoor and a beer style that emerged in the 1700s and was named after its popularity with London porters, this complex and heady brew is a favourite of beer fans up and down the country. Its strength means this is a beer to be respected, sipped slowly to warm up a winter’s night while the weather does its worst. Or drink it slightly chilled elsewhere in the year, a beer drinker’s version of an Irish coffee.

Tasting Notes
Beast is a full-bodied dark porter. It’s dark mahogany-brown in colour, with a hint of crimson. Rich aromas of toffee, treacle, Mocha coffee, vinous fruit, and chocolate. There’s more complexity on the palate with fruitcake, a hint of rum, more Mocha coffee, herbal hoppiness, vinous fruit, and a bittersweet finish that’s smooth yet complex, rich but not cloying. 

Goldings, Challenger and First Gold. Brewed with a mix of pale ale, chocolate and crystal malts.

Tastes Great With
Ice cream where the vanilla flavours would work well with the bittersweet richness of the porter. It’s also ideal for a ripe Stilton or even in a rich winter stew. Try it also in cake mix, a local Exmoor favourite is Exmoor Beast fruitcake with whisky icing.

Year Round

Cereals containing Gluten (Barley), may also contain trace amounts of Wheat

This ale can be produced to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans upon request.

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