Drumloop, 4.0% Pale Ale pump clip

Drumloop, 4.0%


Hopped only with Cascade, this cheeky summer hoppy pale is designed to refresh and satisfy.


This is a limited time, Brewer’s Choice Seasonal. Look out for it in pubs on cask, or, purchase it online in mini cask or polypins, while supplies last.

Tasting Notes
A bright, easy drinker using 100% Cascade hops.

Balanced, but with a moderate bitterness and a range of hop flavours, including pine, citrus, and floral notes. The malt backbone is light and slightly sweet, with flavours of biscuit, cracker, or bread. The finish is crisp and clean, with a slight lingering bitterness. This beer has a light to medium body, with moderate to low carbonation. The bitterness is moderate and balanced, with a slight dryness that makes it very refreshing.

100% Cascade hops

Tastes Great With
Drumloop pairs beautifully with light summer meals like salads or fish, but it’s equally nice on its own – a refreshing seasonal beer.

Gluten (from Barley)

This ale can be produced to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans upon request.

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