Exmoor Antler, 4.0%


A smooth and warming dark amber beer. 

Tasting Notes
Nose of popcorn and soft toffee. Nuts and toffee on the palate spiked by light tropical fruit. Dry grainy/malty finish, typical of Exmoor beers, leaving the taste buds calling out for more.

Styrian Bobek, Cascade, First Gold, Fuggle, Golding

Tastes Great With
Pairs superbly with cheese. The toasty, lightly sweet caramel notes in Antler are a classic match for English Cheddar, as the herbal, grassy hops in the beer add a spicy contrast to the creaminess of the cheese.


Cereals containing Gluten (Barley), may also contain trace amounts of Wheat

This ale can be produced to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans upon request.

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