Wicked Wolf Ale 6.0% in Cans

Can of Wicked Wolf Ale next to a full glass of beer

Wicked Wolf Ale, 6% ABV in 440ml cans is here.

Our first canned beer is from our Exile range of craft ales. Wicked Wolf ale was inspired by a collaboration with our friends at Wicked Wolf Gin™.

Previously only available as a seasonal draught, the canned offering is a slightly higher ABV at 6.0% and in the larger 440ml sized cans, instead of 330ml.

Tasting Notes

This golden-coloured ale balances sweet malt character with slight aromatic gin-like juniper botanicals, and a gentle spiciness on the palate. Cascade hops lead the pack with delicate floral hoppiness, and a suggestion of citrus, before finishing dry and lightly fruity.

Review from beer writer, Adrian Tierney-Jones

Deep gold amber in colour, hint of spicy botanicals on the nose, some graininess, aromatic notes on nose, off centre spice, malt sweetness on the palate, good full body, dry finish with a good bittersweetness, on the nose, there is a juicy malt character — a very good beer, clean but has excellent character (herbal and spicy, bittersweet and herbaceous, floral and piney), good malt and hop character interacting with the bittersweetness and tropically fruitiness.

Adrian Tierney-Jones

Wicked Wolf is available in packs of 12 or 24 or add cans to a ‘Choose Your Own’ box.

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